Golden Dragon Slot


Microgaming’s Golden Dragon is a throwback to classic vintage games, with more emphasis on winnings and payouts than fancy graphics and flashy bonuses. The desired way to increase your money.

Featuring a legendary fire breathing creature spewing hot molten gold into your coin wallet, Golden Dragon Online Casino Slot is a must-play when you crave the basic winning strategy of classic casino games.

The average RTP is 93.23% and the payouts are easy and simple to determine. Not wondering what exception to the rule applies to your payout, just a simple, straightforward game in which jackpots and big wins are played.

The dragon bathes in a cauldron of gold and blows steam from its nostrils as you spin to steal gold from it. The Dragon’s Cave is dark and lit with gold and jewels that are so desirable in his scaly hands.

The symbols are classic medieval swords, shields, and classic online casino bars that can land and give you huge payouts in three different schemes.

The dragon symbol is most coveted as it pays out the jackpot while the game kicks off old school casino music and each symbol is displayed as a large vintage chart that is displayed over a large portion of the screen. Facilitates the identification of wins and losses.

The graph allows you to quickly and easily understand the payline and the purpose of matching all three cherished dragon symbols on a five-coin payline. A wonderful, fire-breathing adventure awaits.

It’s easy to find out how to play Golden Dragon . After reading our review, just load it up and then set your bet amount. You can then spin the reels and hope that you win a cash prize, which is done by lining up a winning combination on a payline. There is no Golden Dragon bonus game, which makes this 5-payline slot even simpler.

What we’re unable to do, however, is tell you how to win on Golden Dragon . The reels may appear to be driven by clockwork and rubber bands, but despite its low-tech appearance this game is actually driven by clever random number algorithms that ensure the outcome of each spin is always independent from the previous one. Therefore, you’ve got the same chance of winning the Golden Dragon jackpot as any other player.

Although Golden Dragon does not offer any real bonus levels or multipliers, the simplicity of the game and the ease of management allows for large payouts.

This game is intended for lovers of good old slot machines who appreciate the simplicity of a good fun game with huge payouts. Matching symbols on a five-coin payline allows you to maximize profit and legitimate Dragon Gold straight into your hand.

Golden Dragon by Microgaming is a typical classic vintage online casino game. Don’t miss your chance to steal the dragon from the cave and escape with a fortune.