Duck Dynasty Slot


The Duck Dynasty slot offers many ways to get mega rewards. There are three types of different opportunities along with other cards that can significantly increase your amount of money.
Wild – the Wild sign replaces all cards, except for scatters. All winnings are paid from left to right.
Mysterious Bet Symbol – Each reel contains stacked positions of cards that can be replaced with the following symbols: Phil, Willie, Jace, C, Deer, Fish and Wives.
Turtle Miss Kay feature – After each spin, this extra game can be played randomly. When activated, the player must select from 2 to 6 of 8 icons to see the rewards. To do this, he must select the desired turtle and select it. The player can receive a monetary reward in the amount of 150 to 500 coins multiplied by the bet per row. This function ends when there is no more choice left. All money earned will be added to the total credit balance, which can be tracked at any time during the game.
Scatter – scatter symbols can only appear on reels 2, 3 and 4. When 3 or more of these symbols are collected, the “Wheel Bonus” can be activated. Spin the wheel to win one of the following games: Froggin ‘Free Games, Prize Wheel, Willie’s Bullseye, The Si Show, Lucky Round.
The peculiarity of the frog. This particular game will provide the player with 8 to 12 extra rounds. At the end of each spin, reels 2 or 4 can transform into full stack columns. It is not possible to win the progressive jackpot during this extra game. After spinning the wheel, the multiplier will be determined first (1x, 2x or 5x). The player is given 1 additional move. The player can get a cash reward from 100 to 1500 or 2, 3 or 5 additional spins.

Cartoonists. After spinning the wheel, the multiplier will be determined first (1x, 2x or 5x). The player is given 1 additional move. The player can get a cash reward from 100 to 1500 or 2, 3 or 5 additional spins. Apple’s Willie. When Willie shoots a target, the player can swipe the Pull & Launch arrow and press the Spin button to aim at the target. When the shooting is over, Willie’s and player’s prizes will be added to the total coin balance. To activate this function, the player must swipe the wheel or click on the start mark. The rewards that can be won in this bonus game are between 125 and 1000 coins and a multiplier of 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x or 7x. The amount of money will be multiplied by the specified multiplier and the bet per line. Fishing for credits. In Duck Dynasty slots, the player can cast the line three times. The selected bait will show a multiplier from 1 to 10. When the bait is selected, the player can click on the starting mark to cast the line. If you are lucky enough to get hooked, you win 60 to 500 credits multiplied by your bet per line. If the fish escapes, the player will receive 30 credits multiplied by the bet per line. Lucky Duck function. This is the match mode. Select one of the five displayed animals. This will show cash prizes between 60 and 300 credits multiplied by your bet per line. Click on the duck symbol and get multipliers from 2x to 20x.

The Duck Dynasty slot machine has a progressive jackpot that can be launched at any time.
To do this, the player must collect all 5 logo icons in one move.
This mega prize can only be activated if the player plays with the maximum stakes.
All five jackpot logos must be collected without a wild symbol combination.
This extra feature cannot be won while bonus matches are active (play on wheels, Corey’s free purchases, or Miss Kay’s turtle quest bonus).
The progressive jackpot prize is not multiplied by any bet amount.
Ways to Win Duck Dynasty Slot While a gamer plays Duck Dynasty Free Slot, he can win huge prizes by activating some of the bonus games on this slot machine. To increase the chances of the biggest payouts, the player can play at the maximum rates. The more rounds the player plays, the more chances of getting mega-rewards. Previous winnings will not affect your current chances of winning. Activate any of the additional features to get extra money. Collect the five main logo symbols to win the progressive jackpot. But of course, in order to win real money in online casino games, players must also wager with real money. Before you start playing, check if gambling is legal in your country.