Cops and Donuts Slot


What could be better than cops and their love of donuts? Cops and Donuts Slots is a popular slot machine from the British company IGT. This crowns the idea that officers are short on donuts, a common stereotype often depicted in films and TV shows.

While the game is a lighthearted blow to our men and women in blue, it’s not that far. Law enforcement officers work long and irregular hours. Since the eateries are not open, donut shops are their best bet.

Review of slot machines Cops and Donuts online
Cops and Donuts Slots tells the story of the police on duty in a comic manner. Before we dive in, here’s an overview of the game:

Casino games provider: IGT (WagerWorks)
Game type: Video slots
Reels: 5
Rows: 3
Paylines: 20
RTP (Return to Player): 96.00%
Volatility: Medium
Minimum bet line: 0.01
Max Bet Line: 2.5
Random Jackpot: No
Scatters: Yes
Wild Symbol: Yes
3D Graphics: No

Unfortunately, the software developer has not yet released an online or mobile version. So, you cannot play Cops and Donuts online. But there are many online slots related to police donuts and some equally good alternatives mimic it. You can try Cops ‘n’ Robbers online slot from Play ‘n’ GO, which also has great graphics and bonus games.

What excuse do you give when you are stopped by the traffic police? Bring this to cops and donuts for instant prize payouts. Buy them donuts; if they like it, you get big payouts.

Cops and Donuts is a classic 5-reel, 20-payline online casino slot featuring comic-style donuts doing their job.

As the game focuses on police service, you will encounter handcuffs and criminals, as well as coffee and high-calorie snacks like donuts. The police icon replaces any of the game symbols to create a set of winning combinations.

Despite being a 20 payline slot, players are free to choose the number of paylines and the number of coins to play per payline.

You play with different denominations, from a few kopecks to 50 cents per coin. There can be up to five coins in a line. If you calculate in theory, the stake can range from a penny to $ 50 per spin on a slot machine.

Police and Donuts Special Bonus Rounds
The fun of slot machines lies in their bonus games. The cop and donut slots are no exception. It has two bonus rounds, each of which takes place under different circumstances. These include:

a) Speed ​​Trap Bonus
This happens when you have a police car on the first reel and a speed limit sign on the fifth reel of the same row.

A cop (Leon) suddenly stops you for speeding and reads out your driving license. As it happens in real life, convince the officer why you exceeded the speed limit. You should at least give him a reason from this collection of funny and wacky alibis.

These excuses will probably make you laugh given how funny they are, but each one brings you a prize that enhances your gameplay and perhaps another chance to make extra choices. When you choose an alibi, it rewards you with a free choice, coin denomination or multiplier.

Cops and Donuts Slots allow you to choose from three to four excuses before completing the bonus game. Instead of a security ticket, you receive a winning voucher from an officer. If you’re lucky, the officer will offer you a box of donuts that will instantly double your bonus winnings. The total coin winnings multiplied by your original bet equals your Speed ​​Trap Bonus prize.

b) Bonus for eating donuts
Need a policeman? Call the donut shop! Not our thinking, but general perception. The Cops and Donuts slot machine brings this statement to life. And as the saying goes, donut is a cop’s best friend, this round is the most exciting round.

Place three or more Fresh Donuts symbols on the first three reels to trigger the Eating Donuts bonus game. Here, a slot machine takes you to a bakery where you have the privilege of choosing Officer Chip’s donut trays for cash or free games.

Pick a random number to see exactly how many trays you can pick in this bonus round. This can be from two to six trays. After that, select a tray, and every time you do it, the pot-bellied cop tries a donut, earning you credits. The Win Counter records all the real money you have accumulated in the Police and Donuts Bonus. It can range from 30 to 690 coins.

Final thoughts
Cops and donuts. all rights reserved by IGT, this is one of the best slot machines in mainstream casinos. Like an old school slot machine, it has outdated graphics. However, the fun animations and the many free throws draw players in. Not only do they find it fun to play as funny characters, but they can also win up to 10,000 times their line bet, or even 25,000.00 if you play 50.00 coins per spin.