Colusa Casino

Colusa Casino Resort has been operating in Northern California for over 30 years, offering an exciting and exceptional gaming experience to those who choose to play there. With over 1,000 slot machines and several table games, everyone who loves gambling will find something for themselves here. Read on for our take on the gambling and non-gaming features offered in this Colusa Casino Resort review we’ve put together.


This review has divided the offer of the casino into two parts. The first section is the casino’s gambling offer, which covers the games offered, casino promotions, as well as information about the casino’s own loyalty program. In the second half of the review, we will delve into the non-gambling casino offer, which includes on-site accommodation, activities and entertainment. If you have a question about Colusa Casino Resort that needs to be answered urgently, check out our answers to the most common questions readers ask about this casino.

Colusa Casino Resort: What to Expect
Upon entering the Colusa Casino Resort for the first time, guests should expect to be greeted by comfortable and luxurious interiors that perfectly complement the casino’s gambling and non-gaming features. For those who want to know more about this exciting casino and what it has to offer, read on. If you already know which section of this review you want to read first, click the CONTENTS button above and navigate there.

Colusa Casino Resort Casino Games
As mentioned in the introduction, this review will focus on gambling at Colusa Casino Resort. The most important aspect of the casino offer is the games offered by Colusa Casino Resort, which has both traditional table games and electronic video games to choose from. In the sections below, we will analyze the games on offer, as well as promotions and the casino’s loyalty program.

In the list below, we describe all the games offered at Colusa Casino Resort. From traditional casino card games such as poker, blackjack, craps, as well as other traditional casino games such as roulette, there are many games for casino lovers. Apart from the traditional dealer games, there are also several electronic video style games. for those who like more modern bets. See the full list of games on offer below.

  • black Jack
    Slot machines
    Pai Gow

Judging by the offer of the casino, as indicated in the list above, all types of casino players will find something for themselves here. Whether you’re a poker shark or a slot machine fanatic, the games on offer should keep you entertained. However, if you’re looking for a casino that really narrows down its offer to just one or two games, check out <a href=”/casinos/lucky-bear/”>Lucky Bear Casino, which has a very limited offer of slots, blackjack, and bingo only.

Online casino games
Online gambling is illegal in California. Due to the fact that online gambling is prohibited by law in the Golden State, Colusa Casino Resort does not offer any form of real money online gambling.

Promotions found in the casino

As is the case with most casinos operating in California, Colusa Casino Resort offers an exceptional array of promotions. Whether you’re celebrating your birthday or it’s a national holiday, this casino will always find time to celebrate. Prizes for casino promotions range from cash prizes and free play to gifts such as cars and holidays. For all the information you need about the promotions offered, be sure to visit the official casino promotions page.

One thing to always keep in mind about casino promotions is that they are time limited. In the case of Colusa Casino Resort, promotions only last for a month, so it’s worth keeping an eye on the casino’s website and social media channels to see what promotions are running when you plan to visit.

Non-gambling casino features
As mentioned in the introduction, Colusa Casino Resort not only offers spectacular gambling experiences, but non-gambling features also attract visitors. With an impressive award-winning on-site hotel and an extensive calendar of events and entertainment, there’s plenty to do outside of the playground. For more information on non-gambling features and services, please see the following sections.


In concluding this Colusa Casino Resort review, we have established that the casino itself offers an exciting and fulfilling gaming experience. With a wide selection of casino games, promotions, as well as a fully developed loyalty program, those who love to bet will find a lot to enjoy here. Along with gambling, casino visitors can also take advantage of non-gambling features such as the casino hotel, events and entertainment activities. If this casino sparked your interest in gambling in California, check out our other reviews of the best casinos in California.