Buffalo Slot


The developer of Buffalo online slot is Aristocrat. This is a slot machine that works on five reels and three rows. The game offers the player 1,024 ways to win, but only if you activate all five reels.

Buffalo’s online slot theme revolves around animals. Here you will rotate symbols of buffalo, eagle, mountain lions, elk and many more.

There is not much noise in the game and you can only hear ticking sounds as the reels spin. It makes amazing thuds every time a scatter is rolled and a short music kicks in if you’ve ever gotten a winning combination.

Check out the table below for an overview of the game. As you can see, the slot does not have a jackpot, but there is a scatter and a wild symbol that can help compensate for spins that did not amount to a win in the main game.

How to place a bet at Buffalo slot machine
This game is a little tricky because it works differently from other slots. There are three important components to the game

Coin Value – This refers to the value of each coin in currency. In Buffalo online slot, you can buy each coin for as little as £ 0.01. If you want, you can increase it to £ 0.10 per coin.
Bet Level – This refers to the number of coins you bet per line. If your coin is worth £ 0.01 and you are betting ten coins per line, then you are betting £ 0.01 x 10 = £ 0.10 per line.
Here you can place bets from one to ten coins per line. You must use the red button to switch bet sizes.

Number of Reels – There are five reels in the game and you can play only one, only two or all of them.
There are yellow buttons at the bottom of the grid that you can click to indicate your choice. Each reel activates only a certain line. If you want to activate all the lines, you need to play on five reels, but this will cost more.

Here are the positions of the active lines for each reel. If there is a dash on the block, it means that it is inactive, and the symbols landing there will not contribute to the win.

As you may have noticed, you cannot win on five symbols if you activate only 1-4 reels. This forces the player to activate all five reels.

How to calculate the value of a spin on Buffalo free online slot
The value of your bet is equivalent to the value of the reel multiplied by your reel bet.

Here is the cost of the drum depending on which drum you have activated.

1 drum = 1
2 reels = 5
3 reels = 10
4 reels = 20
5 reels = 40
Here is an example of calculating the total bet per spin.

Drum selected – 3 drums
Reels cost = 10
Selected bet level (BET PER LINE) – 1 coin per line
Selected coin denomination = £ 0.01
The total bet is equal to the value of the reels X to the selected bet level X to the selected value of the coin.
In numbers, this equals 10 X 1 X £ 0.01 = £ 0.10.

How to win money at Buffalo slot
To win, you must successfully complete a combination of at least three identical symbols on a payline. As you already know, it will be a little tricky if you only place bets in 1 REEL.

The slot machine will only pay you if you receive a combination of symbols from the leftmost reel. This means that you can catch three buffaloes on reels 2 through 5, but you won’t win anything because it didn’t start on reel 1.

To determine your prize, you need to find it in the game table. You can view the same table in the casino slot game menu.

Here is the payout grid.